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Orbs is a truly unique science-fiction multiplayer online role playing game featuring an open world where players are sent to explore, control and rule futuristic and mysterious zones in order to discover their secrets. 
Players are not only fighting their way through the world, but are also in a permanent conflict and competition against each other.
Orbs improves rapidly and is updated almost daily! Orbs is being developed by a single person.


Buy Now10.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 10.00€ EUR. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Orbs is almost ready for Steam!

Want to test Orbs on Steam for free? Message me for a free life time Steam key!

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Orbs has been Greenlit!
Now the game is ported to be able to run through steam. When this is done, Orbs can be purchased in the Steam Store with all it's benefits.
Want to play today? Purchase your copy right here on ITCH.IO!

A new Orbs game key give away is under way at indie db, check it out NOW:

IndieDB is running a Indie Game of the Year competition. So be sure to vote for Orbs at:


The Orb core has been destroyed. The next infiltration has just started. Begin your infiltration, TODAY!

Orbs Version 1.291.0 introduces more help for new players, a huge performance update, a completely new level design, hidden areas, new modules, new skins, new textures, new effects and millions of bug fixes. Remember, Orbs is almost updated daily!

Hello! I'm Fensal-ISU and play the game since the beginning. If you need help or have questions then write in here. Visit us at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/orbspage/

Today's update included a redesign of the starting zone. With the next updates, the following zones will be redesigned as well, improving visuals and the overall design. Also the portals to the adjacent zones of 00+400 will be placed to the center, so that you can reach them faster. Go there when you feel ready for it! Or team up with a friend to fight your foes.


I purchased the game, however, I cannot get a key off the download page. I get the following error: There are no keys available at this time, try again later.
I launched the game, but requires a key to register. Please help!

hello aaronm32, i'll fix the problem within the next hour, stay tuned!

The problem should be fixed now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


The game access key giveaway has just been started, make sure to return when the countdown hits 0:


Orbs Version 1.195.0 has been released. Players are now able to create so called operating systems which can be compared to guilds from other mmorpgs.

Orbs Version 1.185.0 has been released. It comes with a lot of stability fixes, better graphical experience and a performance overhaul so that weaker systems should run at highest quality just fine.

Spirit Of Da Ghost revisited Orbs V 1.160.0
Check it out now!


Spirit Of Da Ghost revisited Orbs after it's final player wipe.
Take a look!


Spirit Of Da Ghost (http://www.spiritofdaghost.de) made his second Lets Play video covering some early game content.

Make sure to have a look, it's quite interesting!



Spirit Of Da Ghost made a Lets Play Video about Orbs. Be sure to watch it from a beginner perspective, who is excited to learn more about the game: